inSalonPad: enhance the shopping experience with tablets


An iPad is a versatile and innovative medium capable of engaging customers in retail shops and to provide better service. Using an iPad at e.g. a hairdresser, customers can explore ideas and catch up on the latest fashion tips while waiting. Unlike a model book, an iPad is interactive, which gives opportunities for animated content as well as a high degree of personalization.

In collaboration with Appera and Indyse, Pixelspark developed a mobile app platform to provide added value services through tablets in retail (inSalonPad is based on CoStore). We successfully ran a pilot with a prestigious Dutch hairdresser.

Voorbeeld 3 inSalonPad app Hans de Gruyter

Voorbeeld 2 inSalonPad app Hans de Gruyter

Voorbeeld 1 inSalonPad app Hans de Gruyter