The Dialogic Platform


The Dialogic Platform enables Dialogic to provide innovative online services based on research and consultancy. The platform not only supports sharing of quantitative research results (‘dashboard’) but also enables real-time linkage, processing and gathering of data. A few unique properties of the Dialogic Platform are:

  • Integrated, real-time workflow from data gathering to presentation
  • Open architecture for data exchange and visualization
  • Advanced technology for online data processing
  • Support for personalization and sharing

The platform was first conceived for the STI2 project, which needed an online dashboard for several current indicators on science, technology and innovation in the Netherlands. Soon the platform found its way into other projects. For the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Dialogic realized the ERIM Performance Dashboard, which shows the performance of the Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM) in real-time. The platform is also used for project management and evaluations. In 2012, Dialogic launched the Service innovation dashboard in collaboration with the Amsterdam Centre of Service Innovation, using which companies can compare themselves to others with respect to service innovation.

The Dialogic Platform puzzle piece analysis system
In the Dialogic Platform you click together puzzle pieces to analyze data. Behind the scenes, this translates to a combination of optimized SQL queries and in-memory operations.


The Platform connects our researchers with analysis and visualisation tools we have developed internally over the years. In addition, we have set up links to services of various partner companies, specializing in (among others) text mining, search technology and several data feeds. A broad overview of this ‘Platform ecosystem’ is depicted below.

Dialogic Platform ecosystem



The development of the Dialogic Platform is done completely in-house at Dialogic. I was and am responsible for the technical design of the Dialogic ‘puzzle piece’ system for data analysis and visualization, as well as the survey module. I have since worked on various projects implemented on top of the platform.

Demo of Dialogic Platform