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15-12-2015 provides quantitative data on business school performance from multiple established business school rankings. Using this data, business schools can improve their strategic positioning in the competitive market for business education.

Many different business school rankings exist. Although metrics and performance measurements should not be a goal per se, it is a valuable instrument in the strategic dialogue of a university. To get the most out of these free data, the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) and research consultancy company Dialogic (both the Netherlands), developed an online business intelligence tool to get insight in the performance of RSM based on this free data. In this online analytical tool, we distinguishes three types of analysis:

  1. Ranking insights:The most simple type of analysis is an in-depth analysis of one ranking. How does a school perform over time? On which variables does a school outperform compared to the other schools in the ranking?
  2. School insights: For the second type of analysis we look at a (selection of) school(s) and see how they perform on the different rankings.
  3. Benchmark analysis: The third type is the most interesting. By selecting both (i) specific indicators from multiple rankings and (ii) specific benchmark schools, we can get indepth insight in specific performance. This leads to a journey which feeds the strategic dialogue of the business school.

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Since global Business School Rankings contain a lot of indicators, which is valuable and free evidence for business schools for their strategy developmen, we decided to put a selection of the analysis we made on this public and free to use website. If you want more information, please contact Dialogic.

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