Big data: a quest for policy


This article explores the (potential) impact of big data on policy and policy research. Smart devices generate an ever-increasing volume, variety and velocity of data (so called big data). The expectation is that big data will play a significant role in policy-making processes and policy research. However, to capture the potential big data can provide for policy making, we need unanticipated and creative combinations of big data sets. As the ICT and economic perspectives on big data have predominated up till now, a more policy science perspective is required. It is in our view especially important to link the owners as well as the potential users of big data sets and policy issues in order to create windows of opportunities for solving societal problems and achieving innovations. Policy makers and researchers continue their quest to identify and make use of these opportunities.

Authors: Frank Bongers, Jaap Veldkamp & Tommy van der Vorst.

Download article: Big data: een zoektocht voor beleid (Dutch)