Tommy van der Vorst

As a partner and senior researcher at Dialogic, I provide public and private organizations with strategic advice in the domain of telecommunications, backed by meaningful and innovative data analysis. My deep and technical knowledge of software, networks and data analysis allows me to approach strategical questions with an eye for detail, and to quickly develop models and proofs-of-concept.

I work for various (semi-)public organizations, among which the OECD, ITU, Eurostat, TenneT, Alliander, the Dutch Radiocommunications Agency, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and various Dutch ministries and provinces. Private sector customers include ABN Amro, Rabobank, FEI, Sligro and Wolters Kluwer.

Outside of work, I like to go snowboarding, sailing, running and road biking every once in a while (Dutch weather permitting). Other hobbies include app development, electronics/prototyping and video editing, and I plan to add cooking as well as speaking Italian to the list.

More details: curriculum vitae