Automated analysis of entrepreneur questions


Each month the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) receives thousands of questions from (future) entrepreneurs on topics such as financing, innovation and internationalization. The Chamber of Commerce likes to meet the current information demand of entrepreneurs and therefore asked Dialogic to develop a methodology to analyze these questions automated.

The data consists mainly of a textual description of the entrepreneurs demand (e.g. questions). To analyze these descriptions Dialogic worked with TM7, who has developed advanced language technology for analyzing texts. Using this language technology, it is possible to automatically classify the tens of thousands of questions from entrepreneurs by theme. New, emerging themes are automatically recognized and are added to the classifier. The classifier provides input for answering analysis questions, such as ‘is there a trend?’ and  ‘are there differences in needs between types of companies or sectors?’.

The results are made available online through a private dashboard, provided over the Dialogic platform. This made it possible to present the results in an interactive and dynamic way.

KvK automatic analysis